Blissful Cherry’s Rabbit Vibrator

Despite what some may think, there is never a reason not to expect quality and craftsmanship in the products that you are purchasing. While people often have the right mindset when it comes to significant purchases like phones and cars, even something as simple as an adult toy should be made with great quality.

And while there are plenty of adult toys out there, I have come to love a particular rabbit vibrator from the company Blissful Cherry. By chance, the company’s founder, Mia Hart was visiting Los Angeles to meet some friends, and it so happened that one of those friends was also a friend of mine, which is how I came to meet her. When the topic came up as to what she does, she mentioned her company and I ended up buying what she claimed to be her most popular product – a beautiful magenta rabbit vibrator. Having used vibrators sparingly in the past with mixed results, I was definitely interested, especially because Mia was just telling all about the key to squirting, something that I’ve always wanted to be able to do, and she claimed that her company’s rabbit vibrator was popular in part for being able to get women squirting for the first time.

After using it once, I could tell that I stumbled upon one of the best vibrators I have ever used. Not only did I squirt for the first time, but I had not just the best overall masturbation session, but the best climax I can ever recall. The key to all of this lies in the thoughtful design choices and fine craftsmanship that Blissful Cherry incorporates into the vibrator itself.

The vibrator itself is a silky-smooth silicone material that covers just about all of the device, save for the gold-colored metallic handle that adds to the overall flair and luxury of the device. But what really put other vibrators to shame was the actual shape of the vibrator itself, all of which lead to its ability to make me squirt. Unlike most rabbit vibrators, this one had a shaft that was not only fairly thick, but that ever-so-slightly tilted upwards. This provided not only the girth to give sufficient stimulation to my vaginal walls, but also the bend required to hit that hard-to-reach g-spot, which is so important to hit if you want to squirt.

The rabbit ears themselves were nice and long, and perfectly situated to give me stimulation to both my vagina and my clitoris at the same time. And the vibrations were second-to-none, with a seemingly endless supply of not just vibration intensities, but vibration patterns as well. In terms of design choices for facilitating sexual pleasure, this vibrator was unbelievable.

However, Blissful Cherry did not stop there, and made sure that the entire product was easy to use as well. The handle is shaped similar to a donut, with a large hole in the center, making it easy for me to slip a finger or two in there to stabilize my grip on the device, especially while I am using it. And the buttons are conveniently located on top of the handle for me to easily change settings while I’m using it as well. Add in a waterproof DC charging port and a unique locking function, and you can easily see that Blissful Cherry literally thought of everything when they made this product.

Seeing such thoughtful design elements incorporated into something as novel as an adult toy, I immediately knew that Mia and her company have their priorities straight. Assuming all of her products are of similar quality and craftsmanship, I am certain she and her adult toy company are creating many more happy customers in addition to myself.