iPhone X

Founder of Apple, Steve Jobs once said that between a great idea and a great product there is an immense amount of craftsmanship. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, the new management of Apple unveiled the iPhone x (10). This phone, they claim, is a lead forward from the current models, and it is clearly true.

The iPhone x comes with features that are a celebration of technology, art and craftsmanship. An edge to edge screen that eliminates the home button is one of the features that makes this phone a wonder of technology. Replacing the home button meant they had to replace the finger print unlocking option with face recognition, another bit of sophisticated workmanship by Apple. The Face ID will work only if you are looking at your phone with your eyes open and can be easily disabled in the event of a theft. This makes it impossible to fool the recognition software with masks or photographs, keeping your iPhone perfectly safe.

The A11 Bionic chip comes equipped with a neural engine and M11 motion compressor. This improves battery life and improves performance up to 70% compared to previous models.

The iPhone x has been designed to be dust and water resistant and won’t be damaged being put in up to 3.3 feet of water. Considering the cost of the phone, it is great to know that it will be safe in natural weather conditions like rain and dust storms.

Just as all iPhones, the cameras in the iPhone x are a marvel of craftsmanship. With a 12-megapixel camera that has a sapphire lens cover, professional photographers no longer need to carry around bulky cameras. The new modes like portrait and extended panorama, makes it possible to capture the essence of life with breath taking photographs.

Video recording too, has got a facelift with this new camera. With up to 6 x optical zoom and optical stabilization the iPhone x makes it easy to take videos. Anyone can be a photographer with this sophisticated piece of technology.

The iPhone x comes with a barometer, Face ID, proximity sensor, three-axis gyro, an accelerometer and an ambient light sensor. These features increase the efficiency of the iPhone while making it completely secure.

Siri, the iPhone assistant, can now be used to send messages and more just via voice control. Users can ask questions about pretty much everything under the sun and Siri remains unphased. Right from a weather forecast to the meaning of life, Siri’s answers can be informative, funny and often wise. A digital assistant is only as good as its developer, another example of the dedication, attention to detail and expert design and craftsmanship one can only see in the iPhone x.

iPhones have always been ahead of their time. When the first one was launched back in 2007, Apple changed the mobile phone market completely. Their products have since only improved even eliminating the need for several other devices.

The iPhone X is no different. This phone has the ability to adapt to whatever its user needs. A professional camera for photographers, fitness and health trackers for fitness buffs etc. This is a mini computer that lets people do everything securely and easily. The iPhone x shows us that with a great idea great craftsmanship, magic is possible.