Mercedes Benz S-Class

A car is not just a car; there is always a car of the cars which dominates the world of the automotive industry in their speed, luxury, design, and cost among others. When it comes to the realm of luxurious cars, Mercedes Benz S-Class takes the trophy. Its stylistic and outstanding design has made many get confused whenever they see it.

For a car to qualify as a luxury car or executive car, it has to display some unassailable skills and craftsmanship that other vehicles may not have. The reason why a luxury car must be outstanding is its use; carrying high-class executives. This makes them have a high level of comfort and smooth rides. Let’s see what makes this luxury car the choice of many high ranking guys.


When it comes to space, you don’t have to fold your legs throughout the journey. It offers a space of over one meter and headroom of about 920 mm. Those are similar features to those seen in the Jaguar XJ. When it comes to seats, their comfort is great having leather armrests, metallic switchgear while steering wheel, doors, and seats are all leather made.

The cabin is fitted with 300 LEDs which run through the fascia; they light in 6 different colors making the car very enjoyable to drive at night. Seats and armrests are heated with massagers. The vehicle has cooled compartments in its rows. It has TV screens, TV tuners, a telephone, and a sound system.

It goes without mentioning the sliding sunroof, the automatic tinting, parking sensors, park assist, 360-degree camera, the built-in washer jets in its wipers, run-flat tires, electrically adjustable seating, and acclimatized seats, both rear and front. Besides, it has some web browsers for entertainment, 3D mapping, Google maps, and updated traffic information all displayed on the 12.3″ screen.


After the rolling comfort, safety is the flavor of Mercedes Benz S-Class. From its ignition to control, it’s designed to happen very quietly without interruptions. When it comes to changing gears, the smoothness will not allow you to hear the throttle. At 50mph you hear a noise of 57dB which a great environment for any executive.  With its 2.2 tons weight and 4.0- liter V8 twin turbo, the car can sprint 0-62mph within 4.3 sec.

Designing and Styling

The body of this luxury car is a mixture of metal monocogue which is fitted with steel and aluminum hybrid. This stiffness makes it safe for the passengers. It has a wheelbase of 3165mm and 5248 mm long. Its front track is 24 mm wider while its rear track is 31 mm wider than the previous S-Class. This car uses the navigation data with the help of the radar system to drive itself. In the same manner, it can control its speed especially when it reaches the junctions, tolls, corners, and even roundabouts when in the self-drive mode.

In-car technology in executive cars is a must in such a way that the dignitary can turn it into an office anytime even when on the road. Mercedes Benz S-Class has the capacity of keeping any exec comfortable under every circumstance; it’s the taste for you.